It is a project that includes character design and environmental design.
Illustration for the character
The idea of the character design originally comes from a real creature: the leafy sea dragon, which is one of my favorite marine animals. I see the sea dragon from two perspectives: their attribute as an individual and their attribute as a part of the surrounding they live in. 

As an individual, they are beautiful life form, with colorful and exaggerated appearance. However, on the contrary, the reason why they look so beautiful is because they have to hide themselves within the coral. They usually grab onto one place and wait for food and avoid being exposed to predators.
Those two perspectives are reflected on the design of sea dragon sisters. The elder sister represents the former and the younger sister represents the latter.
Characters overview
Turning table and wire frame
Walking cycle
For the environmental design, I want to create a scene that presents a little indigent life of the sisters. This is a reconstructed apartment located in a obsolete old factory, with bare concrete on the wall as well as floor and rusty pillars.

Ventilators are another important part of the design. They can add some moving elements to the scene and also present the sisters' life conditions through a different lens: they live under a continuous noise caused by turning fans.
Scene overview
Adobe Photoshop / Maxon Cinema 4D / Octane / Autodesk Maya / Substance Painter / Marvelous Designer 
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