Competition Project
Year - 2020
Tools - Cinema 4D / Octane / Photoshop / After Effects
Role - Product Designer / Illustrator / Modeling / Texturing
Award - Package Design Competition for ZEISS Lenses / Finalist
Idea and inspiration
Internet users are one of the most active and creative groups at the moment, and ZEISS "Zhi-Rui" (Sharp and wise in Chinese) series lenses are specially tailored products for heavy users of the Internet. In order to reflect the different characteristics of the target customer. On the basis of "Zeiss Blue," I chose to add more fresh colors to my design. The rich colors can echo the spirit of continuous innovation of Zeiss as a century-old company in the development of the times.
Package Design 
For the packaging design, I decided to start from the most basic function of the glasses: which is correcting vision, improve the quality of life, to create a contrast between the customer's experience before and after using the product. 

In order to realize this idea, I used translucent frosted acrylic material as the outermost packaging; The inner packaging with illustrations is hidden underneath it, and the color slightly shows through the outer shell, which can create a sense of mystery. 

During the process of opening the lid and taking out the inner packaging, the customer will begin to see the details of the illustration clearly, and visually experience the process of the picture from blurry to clear, from partial to complete, which feels like glasses bring huge vision improvement to people with myopia.
In terms of illustration, I chose the image of a butterfly as the theme and used decorative geometric color blocks to represent the multilayer structure and lightness of the lens just as the series "Zhi-Rui" Lens can do, use the power of technology to allow more people to clearly enjoy this colorful world.

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